Hanging ‘Round the Barrel

Individual Performance Improvement Through Purpose Centered Leadership™
Hangin’ Round The Barrel

“I’m still trying to decide who I want to be when I grow up.” I heard this statement one Saturday morning at a local meeting. The disturbing part was the individual who made the statement was in his sixties! He had completed 30 years of his life serving the government and had started a new career and yet had never decided what he was supposed to be doing. I think part of the problem was a lack of personal leadership. In all his years he had never applied the personal leadership strategies and tactics that allow the great among us to move through their lives with a great deal of purpose.

Leadership has been defined as getting others to do those things they would not normally or naturally want to do. Individual leadership is getting yourself to do those things you would not normally or naturally want to do. Once we learn and apply the same personal leadership habits that have been used by statesmen, generals and leaders of all walks of life throughout history, we find that life becomes more challenging but also more fulfilling.

Through the ‘Hangin’ Round The Barrel’ Seminar, attendees learn the Purpose Centered Leadership™ process which allows them to effectively pursue their intended level of greatness. They are implementing time proven methods that are increasing their performance in their personal lives, their professional lives and their public lives. It is amazing how discovering what we are supposed to be doing can propel us to new levels of performance in all our endeavors.

In conjunction with this program, you will complete surveys designed to evaluate your leadership style and skill. These surveys will access:

  • Current leadership skills
  • Coaching ability
  • Goal setting ability

The objectives of this session are for each attendee to:

1. Discover that the achievement of success is not enough. That we each have an intended level of greatness that we can realize.
2. Learn the ‘Purpose Centered Leadership’ process for manifesting their intended level of greatness
3. Discover the importance of personal leadership in their personal and professional lives
4. Discover their determined purpose and how that purpose can keep them centered during constant change and turmoil.
5. Examine their attitudes that keep them from manifesting their intended level of greatness.
6. Gain an understanding of how calling and vocation can work together to provide an incredible performance.
7. Develop and implement a plan for greatness.

The benefits of the ‘Personal Leadership For Greatness Seminar’ include:

  • An awareness of the impact of increased leadership skill on personal and professional life.
  • An increased ability to manage your life at a highly productive level. You will enhance:
    • The ability to get more done in less time.
    • The ability to master life’s complexity and find balance.
    • The ability to balance the multiple demands of family, career, money, spirituality, and fun.
    • You will also develop a life plan building your life goals, priorities and action plans.

In this presentation, you will:

  • Develop the courage and commitment to leave your comfort zone
  • Transform the ideas and beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Discover the importance of knowing your determined purpose
  • Find synergy between your true calling and vocation
  • Develop a plan to manifest your intended level of greatness
  • Start to immediately implement your plan

This seminar teaches time tested leadership, processes and methods that allows senior executives, managers and individuals to re-think their strategies and tactics to provide sustainable profitable growth.

Develop specific techniques and behavior skills to increase you mastery of leadership to a world-class level. You will develop and learn to implement practical, personal plans to:

A) take advantage of your strengths;
B) build on your core gifts and talents;
C) utilize your skills to leverage your effectiveness;
D) reduce your weaknesses; and
E) lead yourself effectively.

You will develop your leadership practices and increase your personal effectiveness. You will gain a clear picture of who you are, how you behave, why you do so, the results you create for yourself and others; and how to improve your personal effectiveness