Individual Coaching

Critical to the success of any high caliber player is great coaching. That individual that stands along side the filed saying “go faster”, “play harder” and of course “you can do it!”   We have worked hard to develop a coaching method using Purpose Centered Leadership Ô philosophy. Through our coaching, you will gain the strategies, systems and behavioral patterns required to manifest your intended level of greatness.

Coaching will help you develop and implement a workable plan that can be modified year after year to get you specific results.

·          Coaching and feedback techniques that result in dramatic performance  improvement

·          Important insight into why you have a gap between your current performance and  your desired performance

·          “How to’s” for achieving positive change

·          Proven strategies for turning around your performance in a big way

·          Personal motivation tactics that will get your jets burning full time

·          A focus on solutions and not problems

Through Coaching, You Will …

•  Watch your productivity hit new heights as you resolve attitude and behavior issues that may be holding you back.

  1. Recognize the underlying causes of marginal performance.
  2. Create a positive work environment for yourself that supports a higher level of performance.
  3. Receive constructive criticism that results in positive behavior changes, rather than anger and resentment.
  4. Deal effectively with a variety of performance limiting personal behaviors.
  5. Develop solid working relationships with others that will compliment your charge to the top.

Coaching Can Help You:

·         Gain a balance between your personal and professional life

·         Visualize what you really want in life and help set your path in that direction

·         Find some synergy between your calling and your vocation

A personal coach can help you put excitement and passion back into your life. We can set you up with a coach who has been there and done it. Whether it1s a move in your career, your personal life or geography, we will be there to help you ferret out the right choices.

As Your Personal Coach Art and his team will:

·         Offer encouragement

·         Get commitments out of you that will propel you forward

·         Help you sort through the possibilities

·         See both sides of the situation

·         Be there when the going gets tough