Highly interactive –

Consultants conduct one-on-one interviews during the presentations and often work in the audience instead of on the platform, which provides a very personal approach that is extremely impactful.

Content Loaded –

There is so much information packed into these presentations that participants often get homework. Question and answer sessions are conducted after the planned seminar period to ensure all issues are addressed.

Entertaining –

Consultants use personal stories and experiences that fully illustrate the concepts presented during the presentations. Participants indicate the long after the experience, they can remember a particular story that had a major impact on them and that keeps the concepts fresh in their mind.

Thought Provoking –

ENPM presentations challenge preconceived notions, revealing the inner most thoughts of participants.

“The most usable idea I gained from the seminar? I can make a difference! You inspire me to be more.”

Sara Rosenkranz, Airline Reporting Corporation

“Art is a dynamic speaker who focuses on the individual and the inherent potential that is in each of us.”

Helen Sommerville, Natl Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.

“That was great! You’ve made a difference in the way we see our practice site and how we can change things.”

Jessika C. Chinn, APhA-ASP President

“Not only is Art informative and entertaining, but attending his presentation has the possibility of saving your immortal soul!”

John Hunt, Ofc For Civil Rights – Health and Human Svcs

“Art, you obviously touched people. The response to you was incredible as always.”

Jo Condrill, President, GoalMinds

“Art Jackson brought electricity to a room with his ability to intertwince the values of inclusion and diverse thought. His dislogue with the audience overflowed with tangible examples of how developing diverse relationships with other can only increase personal success and the success of a business.”

David S. MacFarland, Manager of OCC Operations, EXELON Corporation

“Art was chosen because the team thought that of the candidates we spoke to, his presentation style was such that all employees could relate to his message of diversity and inclusion. In our meeting with him we thought that he was a very engaging speaker and he proved us right.”

Jeanmarie Lee, Manager of IT, Exelon Corporation

“I felt he had a message that resonated across all PECO business units. His ideas on biases and inclusion are concept we live every day. I also liked his ‘story telling’ because it was entertaining as well as informative”

Grey Godshall, Senior Supervisor , Exelon Corporation