Performance Maximizing Leadership

How To Lead So Followers Maximize Their Potential

With the pace and intensity of business there is a vast difference between ‘good’ performance and “manifesting greatness” which produces consistently superior business & financial results. Front-line supervisors in today’s flatter organizations play an increasingly important role in communicating vision, setting clear expectations, and eliciting innovation from everyone. Yet, most supervisors are selected primarily for their technical expertise and management ability. They are then placed in leadership positions without formal training!

21st century leaders need processes and tools to establish and continually adapt their covenant with their people and their specific expectations of one another. The Performance Maximizing Leadership presentation gets the job done. This presentation teaches time tested processes and methods that allows senior executives, managers the opportunity to get the very best out of their followers.

This high content presentation will …

  1. Increase your impact as a leader.
  2. Heighten your awareness of the impact of increased leadership skill on your personal and professional life.
  3. Help you develop charismatic leadership qualities that will be great for your career!
  4. Help you recognize and deal effectively with poor and good performance.
  5. Help you inspire others for success.

It’s time to take your followers from good performers to GREAT!