Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My !

Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My !

How to Manifest Greatness in a Diverse Environment

It is incredibly difficult to talk about subjects like race, diversity, prejudice, biases and equal employment without someone feeling like they’re guilty. Or a victim. Or is it? One of the easiest and safest ways to get the job done is by means of parables. Socrates used parables. Demosthenes used parables. Jesus used parables. And they taught some of the most difficult subjects in the world. Lions and Tigers and Bears is a parable written to cause introspection and challenge beliefs concerning our diversity and how it impacts relationships and social intercourse. It is a tale of a mythical kingdom that is experiencing profound changes and how the inhabitants of that kingdom adjust and profit from their assets or resist and experience loss. The Lions and Tigers and Bears presentation is conducting using the same methodology.

Lions and Tigers and Bears:

  • Evokes thought,
  • Causes the questioning of preconceived notions,
  • Reduces fear
  • Teaches the three most important rules in manifesting greatness in a diverse environment

In an increasingly complex, sophisticated and global marketplace, we cannot succeed unless we attract top-caliber people that can provide the cultural and biological diversity we need to compete. To do less is to show up low on assets.