How Much Of A Risk Should I Be Willing To Take?

One of the biggest risks in life is not taking risks at all. It is amazing how the mere thought of a potential reward versus a devastating loss can be scary. This is before anything has even materialized. Most of us get comfortable living below our potential because it is safe and predictable. We dream of doing more and having more but refuse to take chances.

“Taking risks is the cost of admission to greatness.”

So, how do you know if the greatness you seek is disguised as just plain work. The answer – you simply won’t know until you get busy. Follow these guidelines to improve your odds.


    1. Courage: Fear is a negative emotion in anticipation of something that hasn’t even happened yet. Don’t waste time trying to get over your fear of failure. Instead, take a leap and you will soon notice your fear dwindling until it loses its paralyzing effect.
    2. Tip-toe: Let’s rewind to #1. You can tip-toe into a “leap.” There are often times when you must make a life-changing decision on the spot. Remember professional development is not the Emergency Room. Try a pilot project, run split-tests, ask questions, experiment with a side gig – there are many ways to take a “dip” into the future without diving in head first. 
    3. Planning: You probably can’t stop thinking about this “big decision.” But how much thought have you given the daily processes that will compliment your big decision’s success? Make sure that your plan is three things:
       – Balanced;
       – In the right priority;
       – Strategic, tactical, and operational.
    4. Immersion: If you have gone through steps #1 through #3 and you feel drawn to move forward with your decision, your best bet is full immersion. This is when the transformation process occurs. You will eat, sleep, and think about how to move in synchronicity with the new decision and plan. Immersion is equivalent to commitment.




Are you considering a decision that carries both a large risk and reward? If you need help sorting through your options or formulating a plan, Hire Art.