Have You Turned a Cold Shoulder to Your Purpose?

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli wrote, “I’ve brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it.” Every human being has a settled purpose or intent. The problem is, very few people explore that intent.

Discovering Your Intent:

You showed up in this life knowing your purpose but you may not be aware that you know it. Most people have no idea of what they should be doing with their lives. It would be as if you had a bank account somewhere with millions of dollars in it, but you were simply not aware of its existence. It’s just sitting there waiting for you to claim it. Now that’s the thing that nightmares are made of, isn’t it? But that doesn’t happen in real life does it?

In July 2003, as a midnight deadline passed, the doors of the Texas Lottery Commission Claims Department were locked, and $5 million dollars quietly went unclaimed. The 180-day deadline to claim the jackpot had expired and some unknown person, who was probably unaware that he or she was, in fact, a millionaire, missed the chance to change their life…forever.

All that needed to be done was fill out a claim form and show valid identification. Imagine losing all that money simply because you were unaware of the need to fill out a single-page form.

Your fully valid life lottery ticket is the purpose you showed up with. All you have to do is claim it for yourself. Sounds easy enough, right?

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