4 Tips To Communicate Success To Your Team

Achieving objectives and goals as an organization really depends on effective communication. With varied skill levels, age gaps, and rapid technology advancements, communication can be difficult. However, if you follow my top tips on how to communicate success, your team will be on the same page in no time!


Art Jackson’s top communication tips:

#1 Leaders must be specific when identifying what success looks like.

  • Avoid using too much jargon and always be transparent so that employees can trust the information you provide.
  • Be clear and concise so that employees understand the actions required of them.
  • Explain the metrics used to measure successes and failures and the benchmarks for both outcomes.
  • Encourage feedback loops that are convenient and straightforward. You can even ask your team what they think of identified success benchmarks one-on-one.

#2 Make sure everyone gets the big picture, then move on to strategy.

  • Invest in your people.
  • Assign employees at every level of leadership to deliver messages regarding day-to-day priorities.
  • Remain accessible. This will help employees can see challenges and opportunities from your eyes. [Related: How To Manage An Open Door Policy]
  • Learn to present the same information in different ways; PowerPoint, one-on-one, group emails, bring in an expert, etc.

#3 Be willing to adapt.

  • Encourage entry-level employees to “lead up” and make sure that information can easily get from the intern to the CEO. [Related: How A Soft-Skills Boss Can Lead A Technical Workplace]
  • Stay tuned to new technology advancements or hire an assistant who can.
  • Foster an innovative company culture.
  • Remember: the vision remains the same, the road to getting there very often changes.


#4 Embrace diversity.

  • Hire people who are different from you in a variety of ways.
  • Get to know everyone on the team and allow them to get to know you.
  • Make continuing education accessible to all employees. Should you encounter something that is out of your wheelhouse, someone on your team can serve as the subject matter expert you need.

All of these tips revolve around making every message transparent and relevant; do that and your team will go far! Are you looking for a leadership expert to provide individual coaching or in need of a professional to get your employees “fired up”? Hire Art.