Grooming A Top Performer For Long-Term Success

When identifying a top-performer in the office, be sure that aspiration to rise to senior positions and engagement within the company are there before checking off traditionally desired leadership traits and abilities. In regards to retaining any employee, every professional in today’s marketplace desires a competitive salary and benefits. However, grooming a top-performing employee into a long-term senior leader requires more than a paycheck and healthcare perks.

groom top performer


    1. Mentorship: Top performers on a leadership track should have access to senior executives for learning opportunities and occasional feedback.

    2. Job Rotation: High-level leaders have the responsibility of being the company’s visionary, which means looking at the big picture. The best way to get a glimpse of all the moving parts of an organization is to at least step into the trenches.

    3. Special projects: Take risks on your high-potential employees. New account? Hand it over to Parker. That milestone project you’ve been working on, ask Jessie for feedback on it.

    4. Opportunities: Allow a top performer who has proved themselves on a special project to spearhead one of their own initiatives.

    5. Acknowledgement: Praise successes and offer constructive criticism in areas where your team members can show room for improvement.

    6. Skills Training: Fine tune coaching to help bridge the gap between today’s supervisor and the future’s senior executive. Provide insight into company objectives, KPI’s (key performance indicators) and advice on navigating through office politics/red-tape.

    7. Resources: This item on the list can account for your team’s daily annoyances (which can really add up) if you don’t stay on top of it. Everyone on your team should have the tangible resources necessary to perform the task(s) at hand to the best of his or her ability. Are laptops and PC’s running up-to date programs quickly and efficiently? Is there sufficient memory on your employees’ machines? Are there ergonomic solutions in place and how’s the lighting in your workplace?

    8. Team-building: Workplace engagement is so important for a top performer. There’s a saying about people working hard not so much to meet a goal as much as because they feel that a team of people rely on them – to not disappoint.

    9. Work-life Balance: You don’t have to offer nap pods like Google, but maybe you can shell out $100 for wellness training or morning yoga once a week. Who wouldn’t want to have the option of half-day Fridays during the summer? [Related: Mindful Eating, Motivation, and Workout Tips]

    10. Seamless Collaboration Tools: Communication is important in every relationship and workplace relationships are no different, except we don’t discuss our goals over a candle-lit dinner. Office objectives can be streamlined into everyday work conversation through the use of project management software like Trello and anti-email applications like HipChat.



How have you managed to groom a top performer into a committed senior leader?

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