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The ego seeks to balance your primal instincts with social norms and reality. Everyone has an ego; it’s part of what makes us human. However, loosening ego’s grip on your decisions and actions is good for you and everyone around you, personally and professionally.

Dropping your ego and adopting a service-oriented mindset can help you get along with just about anybody. Being service-oriented helps you develop rapport and respect quickly and, most importantly, win others over. You’ll find it easier to gain commitment and buy-in, create a productive win-win atmosphere and use your personality to lead people to a higher level of cooperation.

Whether you are the organization head, a first line supervisor, or an individual contributor, your ability to turn your ego down a notch and understand interpersonal relations will be a deciding factor in whether you win in your everyday interactions or simply show up.

Wondering how exactly you can lessen ego’s drip on your decision-making?

7 ways to drop ego for service-centered leadership

  1. Listen. Use your ears twice as much as your mouth.
  2. Be Honest. As human beings, we are all capable of fault. It is a great equalizer. Don’t forget it.
  3. Seek Adventure. Humble yourself with a challenging and new physical activity.
  4. Give Recognition. There are three sides to every story, including your own. Ego is closely related to your projected self-image. There is also the way others see you and then there’s you.
  5. Meditate: When you feel that self-preservation impulse kicking into the disadvantage of others, take a walk outdoors and focus on observing nature or rely on a spiritual outlet.
  6. Volunteer. Do something for someone else. We all need help from time to time.
  7. Be mindful. Live in the moment and you will become the person that everyone wants to be around. People are drawn to those who manage to live in the present. Ignore your phone (when feasible) and offer your full attention, ask questions and share experiences without interruption.

From a philosophical perspective, ego refers to the self or the individual identity. Overcoming the ego is often associated with enlightenment and gaining a deeper understanding of reality. The reality is that you’ll get further in life when you drop ego and adopted a service-oriented mindset.


Take one of the above tips and work on it each day, repeating weekly for as long as you need.

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Art Jackson, Professional Speaker, Executive Coach

Art Jackson

Art Jackson is a professional speaker and executive coach. He is a recognized expert in the areas of leadership, performance improvement and interpersonal skills.

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