Improve morale and motivate new hires without perks.

Motivating new hires is easier said than done. In the age of cheesy incentives, employers are challenged to identify motivating factors that are both realistic and effective. Before delving into personality types and performance index results, ask yourself if you are providing the six opportunities below for your new hires. You might also find my Free Report, Expert Tips to Advance Your Career in 2016 helpful for inspiring the best in yourself and those around you.

6 Ways to Motivate Hew Hires

1. Consistent messaging

Prior to an employee’s first day, he or she should already know what type of performance is expected and required. Training should reinforce those performance standards and elaborate on operational guidelines. Post training, leadership should apply metrics to company goals so that every employee understands how they contribute to the big picture.

2. Team building

Teambuilding exercises don’t have to be elaborate or adventurous. If your team is small, a simple email thread in which each employee shares positive, work-related praise for each team member can work. Larger teams can take part in after-hours socials or pizza-for-lunch days. Group activities help newer employees assimilate into the team with ease and serve as a way for leadership to show appreciation for the entire team.

3. Friendly competition

Competitions are especially effective for employees who are directly involved in the sales funnel. Schedule competitions frequently so each team member feels he or she has an equal opportunity to compete.

4. Mentorship

Provide a way for more senior employees to check in with and mentor new hires. Ask your senior employees be open to learning from new employees so that everyone feels valued.

5. Safeguard the work environment

It is up to the leader to maintain a safe and productive work environment for employees. Simple office updates like ergonomic keyboards, appropriate lighting, snacks and coffee options can help make everyone feel ready to put his or her best foot forward every day. Side note: One of the biggest motivation killers of all time is office politics. When office politics crosses the line into gossip and micro-management, employees can quickly feel discouraged.

6. Acknowledge new hires

Check in with new hires and begin a frank conversation to see how they feel about their progress. Find out if there are any resources that you as a leader could provide to help them bring more value to the table.

Motivation is a long-game strategy of retaining top talent and cultivating an inclusive work environment for all employees. Have you tried any of the strategies on the list? What works best for your team?

There are many ways to motivate new hires. What’s worked for your team? Share your stories in the comments or tweet @ArtJacksonENPM.

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Art Jackson, Professional Speaker, Executive Coach

Art Jackson

Art Jackson is a professional speaker and executive coach. He is a recognized expert in the areas of leadership, performance improvement and interpersonal skills.

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