4 Exercises to Help You Identify Your Purpose

discover purpose

Your purpose is there. Increase your awareness and you will see it.

Exercise 1: Do a historical review of your life. Who made the greatest impression on you? What event made a great impact on your life? Remembering those defining moments provides clues about your intent.

Exercise 2: Write a list of 10 things you love doing.  What activities bring you the greatest joy? That’s a clue for you.  Many people try to make a living and pursue their destiny by doing something they truly hate. If they don’t hate it, they have very little interest in it. If you have little interest in a particular activity, then it’s probably not your intent. If you don’t love what you do for a living, chances are you’ll get beat out by others doing the exact same thing because they love doing it.

Exercise 3: What do you enjoy reading?  What do you watch on television?  What do you do when you go on vacation?

Exercise 4: Review your answers and say, “Looking at these answers, it’s clear to me that my purpose is                                                                   !” You fill in the blank. It’s just that simple.

Sometimes, finding your purpose requires trial and error.

I can hear you thinking “but what if I choose the wrong purpose?” Don’t let that thought hold you back from taking action. Surveys indicate that more than 70% of all the decisions we make are wrong. The point of decision-making isn’t necessarily to always be right but to narrow the number of right decisions. Every time you make a decision and it’s incorrect, you learn something.


You won’t make any discoveries sitting in the same place. You showed up with purpose! Get busy pursuing it! It really is just that simple!